Sign-up now to have your say on the sale of Hydro One!

The proposed sale of Hydro One, along with the rest of the 2015 Ontario Budget, will be brought to a legislative committee for hearings. This is the only time the government is giving the people of Ontario the chance to tell it face-to-face what we think of the Hydro One sell-off.

Any member of the public or organization can sign up to make a presentation to the Committee, which will have representatives from the government and both opposition parties.

To sign up to make a presentation, simply email the Clerk’s office, attention Katch Koch at Presenters will be called to speak in the order they sign up.

Frustratingly, the government is only holding these hearings in Toronto.


What to expect when you go to present:

You will have 5 minutes to make your presentation. The chair of the committee will cut you off after 5 minutes. Following your presentation, committee members have an opportunity to ask you questions. They have 3 minutes each. Don’t be intimidated – most members will ask you easy questions, or allow you to expand on a point from your presentation.

If you have speaking notes, bring a copy. The staff who prepare Hansard (the official record of Legislature proceedings) will use these to assist in transcription.